Hydraulic Pullers

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:PM400, PM600,PM800,PM1200,PM2000,PM3000

*Four stages of foldable & removable handles save the handle force during operation.
*360°rotary socket.
*3 self-contained hydraulic pump and puller body with integral safety valve.
*Heat-treated & chrome plated hydraulic cylinder rod provides linear force.
*Easily release valve.
*6 springs loaded live centering nut for easy job (removable).
*2/3-jaw combination puller crosses head with manganese-phosphate plated for rust proof and durability.
*Heat treated forged alloy steel cross bolts & jaws with manganese-phosphate plated for rust proof and long life service.
*Patent pended design of two stages stroking for PM2000 & PM3000, the first stage being as fast stroking for quickly connecting with object, and the second stage being as high hydraulic output for pulling job.
*Long jaws and extension rods are available, allow user to extend the stroke according to the needs.