Wheel Dollys

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:WD1250,SJ3000

Capacity: 600 KG
*Foot-operated hydraulic bottle jack with hard chrome plated piston is of welded construction design.
*Heavy-duty chain for securing the wheels.
*Tubular lifting arms allow easy adjustment to fit the middle and large size tires.
*Rear swivel caster wheels and rigid front wheels provide positive steering and effortless maneuvering.
*3-1/4” travel adjustment on rear caster wheels match lifting arms with spindle angle.
*Foot pedal can be folded up for storage and prevent operator injury.
N.W. 103 KG G.W. 113 KG CUFT. 15.7’
MODEL 72040:
*Reduce the rise of injury.
*Handles 15” and 16-1/2” drums.
*Machine rotating handle provides ease of raising and lowering drum.
*Ball bearing wheels, semi-pneumatic tires and 3/4” diameter axle provide easy maneuverability and balance of drum.
*Adjustable angle bracket secures both outboard and inboard mounted drums with disc wheel hubs to the drum handler’s carriage.
*Detachable handle for convenient storage.
N.W. 25.7 KG G.W. 26.7 KG CUFT. 5.3’
Special Use:
Designed for removing, installing and transporting outboard-mounted brake drums and inboard mounted drums with disc wheel hubs.