Truck Transmission Jacks

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TJ1000,TR1000

A professional truck transmission jack for removal, installation and transportation of heavy-duty truck transmissions that are raised by a lift.
MODEL TJ1000 Capacity: 1000 KG
*Fully adjustable universal saddle with adjustable corner brackets and safety chain.
*Bracket and chain slings are adjustable to accommodate transmissions, clutches and differentials of varying sizes.
*Wide base with four 3-1/2” dia. Swivel casters provide stability and easy maneuvering.
*Safety bypass system prevents the Jack from being over extended beyond its rated capacity.
*Rugged support design to provide greater stability.
N.W. 95 KG G.W. 99 KG CUFT. 4.1’
MODEL TR1000 Capacity: 1000 KG
*Most features are the same as TJ1000.
*Extra low height design allows transmission to be rolled out from under bus or other vehicle’s frame.
*Foot controlled air pump allows effortless lifting of transmission into place, while controlling the load precisely during installation are removal.
*Operation is twice as fast as traditional jack powered by a hand pump and has a competitive price.
N.W. 101 KG G.W. 127 KG CUFT. 17.2’