Telescopic Transmission Jacks

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TJ430,TJ490,TJ800

MODEL TJ430 Capacity: 1/2 Ton
*The single-stage ram is designed for lifting in garage pits to remove and install engine, gearboxes and transmissions.
*Well-designed saddle and accepts other saddles.
*Highly competitive price.
N.W. 38.3 KG G.W. 40.5KG CUFT. 2.5’
MODEL TJ490 Capacity: 500 KG
*Mostly similar to Model TJ500.
*Very cost effective.
*Foot operated pump and lowering pedal allows operator to guide and control the load during transmission removal.
N.W. 64.5 KG G.W. 67.5 KG CUFT. 3.4’
MODEL TJ800 Capacity: 800 KG
*Mostly similar to TJ500.
*New base of strong and durable design.
N.W. 68 KG G.W. 71KG CUFT. 3.4’